Commercial Solutions

Roof Evaluation

Prior to putting a bid on your project, Roof Works would approach it first with a personal visit on-location to analyze the current condition of your roof and provide an objective, comprehensive evaluation of the project's needs, as well some insight into what priority concerns may need to be addressed sooner than later.

Client-Guided Design and Specifications

Our production manager would like to meet personally with you as a potential client and discuss what would be ideal for your project within the constraints of your budget and preferences. Roof Works is equipped and experienced to handle a spectrum of construction types, from tear-offs to patchwork and whatever solutions might be the optimal fit for your project's needs and priorities.

Installation Oversight

If we are awarded your project, our job site supervisor will give due attention to issues of safety and security (for all parties involved). From start to finish, we are committed to conscientious oversight of your project. We will manage the job with diligence at every single stage of construction because we want to guarantee a high-quality, warranty-backed final result.

Roof Management

No roof is exempt from extreme weather conditions and climate issues. Periodic routine inspections will help you pinpoint potential problems, areas that might be problematic now, or that might develop in the future. We want to help you toward extending your roof's "lifetime." We do everything in our power to minimize any necessary costly adjustments later on, as well as help you to avoid worse damage and premature roof replacement.